The Spring Season is almost here and we are eager to welcome new and returning students to a 4 to 6 day stay at TREETOPS. However, there’s a problem to be solved!

Our top notch crop of Junior Counselors have all graduated and all have received excellent university scholarships, so we need new junior counselors to help us work with youngsters who come for a week long stay at Treetops.

And not only is environmental education important, but we are also deeply involved in “Propaedeutics”—the older Greek  focus on enabling children to use   art, music, drama, and movement  to explore that connection! (That’s why some of you have suggested we describe Treetops as “a live-in museum for the harmonious convergence of man and nature”!)

So, if your LOWER SCHOOL has older students who might qualify as Junior Counselors, we’re suggesting the following program:

  •  Junior Counselors come Sunday afternoon 3 to 5.
  • Younger students arrive on Tuesday afternoon.
  •  All students stay until Saturday Morning.
  • (Considering a trip to the Lufkin Museum , the Caddo Indian Mounds, or the Piney Woods Herb Farm en route home.)
  •  Tuition for each child for the week will be $75.00 but the Junior Counselors will each receive $25.00 back  for their service.
  •  And we always recommend one or two of your parents or teachers attend with full releases and information in case of emergencies.

Further info at 972-262-2816.


Welcome the Children’s Forest youth coordinator for the summer, Chris Sheffield, who will help oversee the restoration of the forest campus after two consecutive years of storm damage.

Tim Keeting’s construction crew is working on the house and roof so that we will soon be able to accept bookings — giving priority to those schools whose spring reservations had to be canceled due to the weather problems.

And to our former Treetops families, we still hope you’ll pay us a July 4th (5th,6th.7th) visit, though we may all be sleeping on quilts under the stars! Remember to bring some drinks & snacks for your family though we’ll have food as well.

We’re also looking for used, donated but working equipment ranging from a computer, overhead projector, vacuum cleaner, etc.  And if you’re really brave, bring sleeping bags to sleep under the stars, though we’ll have some blankets & quilts to spread.

Please call me at the home office for other  info: 972-262-2816. I’m really hoping to see many of you AND YOUR OFFSPRING!


When I was a young woman at TWU many years ago, the president, Dr. Hubbard, often invited us to his home to meet visiting guests. I shall never forget meeting Robert Peter Tristram Coffin, a Pulitzer Prize Poet who wrote The Third Hunger. That hunger is the hunger to create and it encompasses the entirety of our lives, whether we are creating poetry or a garden or a family – it is what we were born to do and the world is enriched by the “doing.”

So the main message of this post is that it’s time for your “doing” to be recognized, whatever it may be. From your family to your children and grandchildren, and  everything else. It’s all uniquely yours, and it enriches all of our lives.

And though the Treetops-in-the-Forest campus was devastated by recent storms, we are repairing and restoring so that you and your family – grandkids and all – can include Treetops in your summer plans. We’re suggesting you visit the week of the 4th of July (any time from Monday the 1st through Sunday the 7th). We have five bedrooms with four/five beds each, plus porches and outdoors areas if you have a tent.

Let us know if you’re coming, and plan to bring extra drinks and snacks.

Please call Christine at (972) 262-2816 if you have any questions, or use our contact form.


We’re a TEEAC approved site for continuing education hours and we have a great way for you to earn them. Just chaperone your students or form your own group of four or more teachers to come with you for a weekend at a total cost of $50 per teacher for meals and lodging (Friday evening to Sunday brunch).

You’ll receive access to some very exciting resources including the British Open School, the Montessori Academy in India, Chartres Cathedral in France. German Movement Education, Orff-Kodaly Music, T&G. This also includes almost every environmental education approach being taught, from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Gategna’s Words-in-Color, Chi-San-Bop Finger Math, and more!


The Salesmanship Club is sponsoring another seminar on “Mindfulness” on September 21-22, taught by Dr. Siegel at the Irving Convention Center. Email for more information. One day is $100.


We are delighted that a group of volunteers from Tarrant County will be at Treetops to help restore the labyrinth. If you’re willing to pitch in, give a call and I’ll give you the latest dates. On a side note, the forest service office tells us they have received calls from a national labyrinth locator about where the labyrinth is and when it’s open.