This is a new column, directed primarily at the schools and teachers who have been Treetops participants over the years.

Charlie Rose’s late night series presenting top specialists on how the brain works has enormous implications for those of us who teach today’s children. (You may want to go to his website for times.)

Computers and state produced outlines can indeed present facts for the child to memorize to earn a high  test scores but the amazing team of specialists on the Charlie Rose late evening show headed by Eric Kandell are emphasizing the multiple dysfunctions that occur in learners of all ages. (You can pull up a six page list at: )

For my long time professional friends, I wonder if any of you are still using the Yellow Brick Road Screening Test that demonstrated the motor, visual, auditory and language strengths of each 5-6 year old so that their education could be individualized from the start? (One of the Montessori Schools in Ft.Worth was said to be using it.) I may have left over copies of the test battery if you’d like to try it no charge.)

I welcome your feedback, bad or good!