When I was a young woman at TWU many years ago, the president, Dr. Hubbard, often invited us to his home to meet visiting guests. I shall never forget meeting Robert Peter Tristram Coffin, a Pulitzer Prize Poet who wrote The Third Hunger. That hunger is the hunger to create and it encompasses the entirety of our lives, whether we are creating poetry or a garden or a family – it is what we were born to do and the world is enriched by the “doing.”

So the main message of this post is that it’s time for your “doing” to be recognized, whatever it may be. From your family to your children and grandchildren, and  everything else. It’s all uniquely yours, and it enriches all of our lives.

And though the Treetops-in-the-Forest campus was devastated by recent storms, we are repairing and restoring so that you and your family – grandkids and all – can include Treetops in your summer plans. We’re suggesting you visit the week of the 4th of July (any time from Monday the 1st through Sunday the 7th). We have five bedrooms with four/five beds each, plus porches and outdoors areas if you have a tent.

Let us know if you’re coming, and plan to bring extra drinks and snacks.

Please call Christine at (972) 262-2816 if you have any questions, or use our contact form.