The Spring Season is almost here and we are eager to welcome new and returning students to a 4 to 6 day stay at TREETOPS. However, there’s a problem to be solved!

Our top notch crop of Junior Counselors have all graduated and all have received excellent university scholarships, so we need new junior counselors to help us work with youngsters who come for a week long stay at Treetops.

And not only is environmental education important, but we are also deeply involved in “Propaedeutics”—the older Greek  focus on enabling children to use   art, music, drama, and movement  to explore that connection! (That’s why some of you have suggested we describe Treetops as “a live-in museum for the harmonious convergence of man and nature”!)

So, if your LOWER SCHOOL has older students who might qualify as Junior Counselors, we’re suggesting the following program:

  •  Junior Counselors come Sunday afternoon 3 to 5.
  • Younger students arrive on Tuesday afternoon.
  •  All students stay until Saturday Morning.
  • (Considering a trip to the Lufkin Museum , the Caddo Indian Mounds, or the Piney Woods Herb Farm en route home.)
  •  Tuition for each child for the week will be $75.00 but the Junior Counselors will each receive $25.00 back  for their service.
  •  And we always recommend one or two of your parents or teachers attend with full releases and information in case of emergencies.

Further info at 972-262-2816.


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