Our Medicine Wheel building day did not work out, so it will be rescheduled after hunting season. Let us know if you’d like to help. Maybe the entire family could pitch in on July 4th, 2013.


After weeks of closure due to fires to the west and downed trees nearby, we’re ready to welcome your school during October and after January 20th. Call 972-262-2816 immediately if you want to reserve a date. Tuition is till $75 for the 4-day session (Monday – Thursday or Tuesday – Friday).


The closed forest roads and trails have been reopened which means we can once again accept enrollments in the following upcoming sessions: (Tuition $125.)

  • June 10-16   (Junior Counselor Work Week)
  • July 8-14      (Open to all)
  • August 5-10 (Open to all)
  • Book your own group’s time with a minimum of six persons

And another special day to which all former (and now grown up Treetoppers and their parents & Children are invited) is on the 4th of July. Please bring your own picnic lunch and drinks. Reservations not necessary.

For a future newsletter, how about you grown Treetoppers dropping a note to let us know WHERE YOU ARE, WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND HOW YOUR OWN FAMILY IS GROWING–INCLUDING NEW OFFSPRING!



Saturday at the Salesmanship Club’s seminar on THE MINDFUL CHILD, I discovered a new teaching technique that’s actually very old!

Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child, using her audience of parents and teachers as “the children”,  demonstrated how enabling the child to harness his own thoughts and energy works with all kinds of children—(as well as over the hill teachers like myself!). The $15 book can be ordered from Simon and Schuster.com and your next trip to the forest campus, we”ll try it with your children. Best of all, it works with ADHD, anxious, overeating, and all kinds of kids.


‘Tis the season   ….to take nature-related courses and workshops so those  of who work with children will learn more about the world we live  in and do a good job of teaching what we have learned to them!

We call your attention to an upcoming workshop at the Welder Wildlife Foundation on Aldo Leopold who is at the top of our list because his ideas of connecting nature with the arts and literature  shaped our  becoming: a live-in museum for the harmonious convergence of man and nature!

One of our most treasured books at Treetops about Leopold has an inscription to Treetops written by his sister. You can find out more  about  the  Leopold  Project from http://welderwildlife.org.

Another long-standing training  program is being offered by the Teachers Conservation Institute and includes  Project Learning Tree and  Project Wild.  Information is available at www.texasforestry.org and the all inclusive fee is $150 per person. Treetops has both these curriculum resources for review but  printing  copies is not allowed.

Other teaching resources available for inspection and study include copies of Texas A&M’s MASTER TREE FARMER;  The University Wisconsin- a graduate environmental level course (online); Joseph Cornell’s resources from a Lady Bird Johnson workshop; Montessori Erdkinder  resources; Kettering Foundation: Global Education Boyer’s Basic Schools Texas Education Agency  (Annual Curriculum Outlines).

Teachers bringing children for 4 to 6 day stays at Treetops are encouraged to review resources and make notes related to their own curriculum outlines.


Visit POSITIVE NEWS and you can read about the resurrection of the Rudollf Steiner holistic educational movement in England which really takes on a “WHOLE CHILD” approach by combining indoor-outdoor learning–in all types of weather–and teaches children and those who guide them about health, nutrition and education to build a foundation for lifelong well-being….in all kinds of scenarios. With our own emphasis often on speed, memorization, and test scores, we might do well (on a lifetime preparation basis) to include time for reflective thought and creative explorations.

And another book so new I have not “digested it “enough to describe it to you is:  GODHEAD: THE BRAIN’S BIG BANG,  which introduces a new strand of thought, drawing on neurobiology, psychology and ancient wisdom.