This is a new column, directed primarily at the schools and teachers who have been Treetops participants over the years.

Charlie Rose’s late night series presenting top specialists on how the brain works has enormous implications for those of us who teach today’s children. (You may want to go to his website for times.)

Computers and state produced outlines can indeed present facts for the child to memorize to earn a high  test scores but the amazing team of specialists on the Charlie Rose late evening show headed by Eric Kandell are emphasizing the multiple dysfunctions that occur in learners of all ages. (You can pull up a six page list at: )

For my long time professional friends, I wonder if any of you are still using the Yellow Brick Road Screening Test that demonstrated the motor, visual, auditory and language strengths of each 5-6 year old so that their education could be individualized from the start? (One of the Montessori Schools in Ft.Worth was said to be using it.) I may have left over copies of the test battery if you’d like to try it no charge.)

I welcome your feedback, bad or good!



Families in the Forest: Exploring the Four Seasons in the Forest

(Based on The Walden Pond release A Time for Every Purpose by Michael Kammen.)

We will welcome four families (four to six members each) to spend four “seasonal” weekends. Families check in Friday evening, eat en route and check out after Sunday morning brunch.

When: The first weekend of each season in 2012.

  • Spring (March 2-4)
  • Summer (July 15-20 and August 5-10.
  • Fall (September 7-9)
  • Winter (November 30 – December 2)

Cost:  $50 registration fee + $50 per weekend.

Please bring towels and pillowcases. Please do not bring guns, cigarettes, or alcohol. Medical and insurance releases must be signed.

Questions? Please email us for more information.



Whoops! Our mistake!

We hosted two groups of More Kids In The Woods at Treetops and participated in several MKITW webinars, but we are not an official Children’s Forest site in Texas.  For information on the MKITW Forest Programs, contact Tamberly Conway at


(First sent twenty years ago after a moral education conference at Cambridge)

Walking along snowy cobbled pathways amid Tory houses on Brattle Street required time to seek footing without falling but yielded time for thought about the little world of Treetops which I had left behind me and to which I would  return.

The AME Conference at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard had already confirmed that our small place had been doing—however imperfectly—what philosophers and educators were saying should be done with students.

Create a place, they said, where children can experience an environment in which children are responsible for themselves and for one another. Create a place where they can experience justice by practicing justice by making their time of living and learning together into a “just community”.

Ensure domestic tranquility, they said, by taking the relationships of CONCERN and CARING and CONNECTION nurtured from the home into the civic domain—and from the civic—into the whole world, into the planet itself! So that all persons everywhere might experience “A JUST COMMUNITY.”  Think on that!

And so for us, and only with your help at home, where all such practice begins through daily life and interaction, we will continue to let Treetops be a place where children learn democracy and responsibility and morality because they live it daily—at your house and at ours!

Taking the time to care about each other, to express concern when things go wrong, to connect thoughts and actions and to cooperate in continuing to build a learning environment where each child may climb to the heights that are his or her own, but reach out to help others along the way.

Christine Kallstrom
Director Emeritus



2012 Spring Break Sessions
When: March 11 – 16  and April 1 – 6
How Much: $125 per child / $75 per sibling

Earth Day Celebration

When: April 22,  10 AM – 6 PM
How Much: Free

Note: Some military family scholarships are available.


We have openings July 8-14 and August 5-11 and we’re discounting $50 off of the tuition to those who make the drive to the forest using their own vehicle. We also have scholarships for elementary age children of military families. Please call 972-262-2816 for more information or use our contact form.