This time last year, our Director Emeritus was celebrating her 80th birthday with a gathering of former Treetops International students–now grown–and accompanied by their own children!

Starting with this year, the celebration will continue but change its emphasis to an annual “Unbirthday Celebration”, taking away a year on each birthday. So now I’m 79 and looking forward to next year’s 78th celebration. Who knows…Maybe I’ll reach my 69th birthday again, so get ready to attend another celebration. (Sounds a lot better than 89!)


Read a few letters from students at the Bay Area Montessori School (Director Melinda Nielsen):



Welcome Dr. Kathy Fite and Professor Glenna Billingsley and their students from Texas State University at San Marcos for a weekend seminar.


Concerns for the Japanese children whose lives have been endangered or whose homes have been destroyed will be added to the May 5th World Labyrinth Day Children’s Walk around 1:00 PM at Treetops-in-the-Forest. Thanks to one of our Treetops youngsters for making this suggestion.

We hope you and your family can come!


May 5th has been designated as World Labyrinth Day. Treetops will host labyrinth walks on May 5 at 1:00 PM to celebrate the life of Christina, the 9 year old killed in Tucson this past week. We are also sponsoring an art/poetry/music project on the theme CHRISTINA’S WORLD. Email your children’s projects expressing their hopes for the kind of world they are growing up in to

There is no charge for participation but it is recommended that youngsters from Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, et al bring sack lunches for the 2-5 hour drive.

Please call 972-262-2816 or 936-655-2557 or email with any questions.


Open scholarships to spring and summer sessions for elementary age children have been announced in memory of Ruth McCune and Ann Jensen-Wilson.

To apply, please provide the following:

  • Describe how a spring or summer stay at Treetops-in-the-Forest would be beneficial to him or her
  • Include the child’s name, age, and grade
  • Provide your contact information

Click here to apply.